Unlike many accountants, members of our team here at Cooke Watts have spent time working in business as well as in professional practice. This blend of knowledge is a major advantage of working with our company, as we are able to give constructive commercial advice to our clients with first hand experience of having been there.

Many accountants will simply fixate on tax savings. Whilst being tax efficient and not overpaying tax is extremely important, generally if your tax bill is going up, its because you’re making more money. Growing, developing and improving profitability are essential parts of being financially successful and we are uniquely placed to support you.

Our consultancy services we offer :

  • Business cases – ever wondered whether buying that machine would really be financially beneficial? Let us crunch the numbers and give you the answer.
  • Margin analysis – do you think an area of your business might be losing you money, or not making as much as it should? Let us get into the detail and break your business margin down so you really see how and where you are making your profits.
  • Reporting packages – we can work with you to create and provide a bespoke reporting package on a regular basis that is unique to your company and industry, giving you better insights into the figures so you can make informed decisions.
  • Forecasts & budgets – a realistic multi-year forecast is an excellent resource to help plan for the future, while a budget can help avoid overspending and provide a target to aim for.
  • Part-time Finance functions – do you need a Finance Director to help give input and direction, but only for 1 day a month? Give us a call and see if we can help you.

Why use Cooke Watts as your Consultant?

We’re friendly and approachable

We’re on the end of the phone and our door is always open. Feel free to drop in and please bring your waggy friends with you.

We’re experienced

We have many years of experience across general practice accountancy and senior financial positions in business, from accounting compliance to commercial advice, e have you covered.

We’re affordable

We truly believe we offer an excellent service for a cost-effective price. We are fully transparent on fees so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises.

We’re local

Specialists in small businesses and servicing Warwickshire, North Oxfordshire, Cotswolds and the surrounding area, we aim to be everything you’d expect from a local accountant.